Many tree services advertise arborist services. What is a certified arborist?

To qualify as a credential holder, you must have a minimum three years of work experience in the field or a degree in horticulture. Once certified after passing a rigorous exam the endorsement will be given and the holder is tasked with maintaining continuing education units (CEUs). This designation gives customers assurance that they are dealing with a professional individual that is committed toward the arboriculture industry. We proudly display the ISA Certified Arborist logo along with our certification number FL-9464A

I assume you're licensed and insured?

Correct. We carry 2 million dollars of general liability and workers comp insurance. Also, county license of origin. We will be happy to provide these when asked. Please refer to the insurance of our page for the compete facts when selecting a company with proper tree insurance.

Will you be hauling away the brush?

Always. As a paid contractor it is our responsibility to haul away debris. On the bottom of our estimate sheet it reads “All debris removed from property”.

I have two palms that need to be trimmed. Do you have a minimum service charge?

We will be happy to trim your two palms however we do have a minimum service charge to bring a crew to your property. We have drive time, man hours, insurance, and debris removal to factor in for every job. This minimum charge applies by area, please call for pricing.

Will my sprinklers get damaged by your equipment?

99% of the time no. We flag any heads visible above the surface and welcome customers to point them out. Properly set and installed irrigation heads will handle our machinery at the surface. Some trees were planted or have grown over irrigation lines and this is found when stump grinding. If a sprinkler pipe has been damaged, we will expose the problem area and leave it for repair.

Do I need a permit to remove my tree?

This depends on the area you are located. We will be happy to obtain a permit if the location requires it. Also, many homeowners’ associations do require approval for a removal.