several very large trees in front of a single family home

Tree trimming is one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy and safe tree on your property. Incorrect pruning can lead to disease, rot, undesirable look, unsafe tree, which is most times irreversible. Hiring a licensed arborist is your first step in caring for your trees. Jeff Burr (# FL-9464A) brings that knowledge to your property and can discuss what is best for your trees.

Raising lower canopy is preformed to provide clearance from buildings, roofs, lawn mowers, roadways, visual esthetics. This correctly done will help to establish scaffold branches resulting in a well-formed healthy tree structure. Branches trimmed to an adequate height above your roof will prevent damage to roofing materials. Proper clearance will also keep animals and insects away from your home or building.

Thinning the interior portion of a tree is a delicate task for an arborist. Proper thinning of select branches and water sprouts is key in having a successful healthy tree. Overthinning is the most widespread problem with other tree service providers and their lack of understanding on long term consequences impacting your tree's health.

Removing dead wood or hazardous limbs is the first part of any trimming service. Every tree is prone to having dead wood. In a healthy tree this is a cycle of the tree's growth. A tree in decline can have multiple and large limbs to deal with. Arborists are educated to remove dead wood and assess the hazards they pose to persons or property and when to recommend removal.

Crown reduction or reducing the length of a limb is a goal for some customers. As trees age and mature they tend to outgrow the space and encroach on structures. We can help discuss options for reduction and maintaining the tree but will not top your tree. Topping is not a recommended practice and has many adverse consequences.

Arborist touch - In addition to the standard trimming service on your trees having a licensed arborist is a must. This trained eye will look for crossed or rubbing branches, correct previous cuts to the branch bark collar, advise and make recommendations for your tree. We are truly passionate on giving you the best quality when servicing your trees.

Superior Tree Service proudly provides trimming sevices in Melbourne, Palm Bay, West Melbourne, Malabar, Grant- Valkaria, Sebastian, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, Suntree, Rockledge, Viera, Cocoa, Port St. John, Titusville, and parts of surrounding counties. Contact us to schedule a quote today!